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Performances 16/17

Workshop - Stop Motion turned upside down
3rd of September 2016 at 13-15.30 H

Workshop: Puppet Manipulation with Bjarne Sandborg
Bjarne Sandborg is teaching puppet manipulation in this weekend workshop.
6. - 7. August 2016

Open Up
This special theatre experience for the tiniest of toddlers is full of surprises and adventurous sense experiences.

24th - 26th of September
Children 1-3 years and their adults

I do remember everything
10th - 12th of September 2016

Children 2-5 years and adults

Animated Graduate films 2016
Step inside Teater Refleksion’s cosy cinema and watch a series of new animated short films made by graduates from The Animation Workshop and from animation directing at The National Film School of Denmark.

February 2th 2017 at 19:00 H

Guest performance with Cie Gare Centrale og Agnès Limbos
Performance in English

27th - 28th of January 20H
For adults

A life-affirming story about an undertaker
A performance based on the book "Paradise" by Kim Fupz Aakeson

23rd - 25th of February
Children from 8 years and adults

Opéra Opaque
Guest performance with Plexus Polaire
Non-verbal performance

5th-7th of March
Form 8 years and adults

Night Light
4. - 8. April and 21st of April
Week days 9.30 and 11:00
Saturdays at 14:00 and 15:30